Tuesday, October 25, 2011

New research on the connection between convergence insufficiency and ADHD

New research was presented in October, 2011 in Boston - during Academy 2011 Boston - on the connection between ADHD and convergence insufficiency.

Convergence insufficiency is an eye movement disorder where the two eyes do not work together properly when doing near work such as reading.

The lead researcher, Eric Borsting, OD, MS, FAAO, FCOVD, is an optometrist who for the last several years has been looking into the connection between common behaviors associated both with attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD) and convergence insufficiency.

The research is important because convergence insufficiency is very effectively treated with vision therapy. To the extent that the behavior of an individual thought to have ADHD is attributable to convergence insufficiency, treatment of the latter may be a benefit to the patient in resolving some or all of the patient's academic and/or behavioral issues.

The research showed that significant improvements were found in academic behaviors and attention as a result of vision therapy for convergence insufficiency. The study was conducted under the Convergence Insufficiency Treatment Trial, involving 45 children between 9 and 17 years old with symptoms of convergence insufficiency.

"All received 16 weeks of therapy, with 8 weeks of maintenance therapy where they're not coming in every week," Dr. Borsting said.

"The Conners 3 ADHD Index is a 10-item survey that screens for attention problems in children, including 'inattention' and 'easily distracted,' and the Academic Behavior Survey is a six-item survey of behaviors a parent can observe, such as 'appears inattentive' and 'avoids reading,'" he said.

"Here I'm reporting data from the two surveys," Dr. Borsting said. "For both surveys, I found significant improvement in scores."

Learn more on the connection between convergence insufficiency and ADHD here.

Our previous posts on convergence insufficiency covered the success rate of vision therapy treatment (which has been shown to be the best treatment available), what science has to say to adults with convergence insufficiency,what symptoms may indicate convergence insufficiency as well as commonly prescribed treatments that have been proven ineffective by recent research.

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