Friday, August 26, 2011

Pencil push-ups are so last decade

I'm surprised that some doctors are still recommending pencil push-ups to patients with convergence insufficiency. Convergence insufficiency is an eye-muscle disorder where the two eyes do not converge properly when doing close work like reading. The symptoms are often double vision, blurriness, problems reading, eye fatigue, headaches, frequent loss of reading and more. It is the most common ocular-motor disorder.

Even more surprising is that some ophthalmologists have told patients for whom pencil push-ups did not work that there is no other treatment for convergence insufficiency. To the contrary, a landmark study funded by the National Eye Institute and published in 2008 found that in-office vision therapy was the best treatment for convergence insufficiency.

So for all those convergence insufficiency sufferers out there, pencil push-ups are not the only answer - and not the best answer.