Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Developmental optometrists in Vancouver treat adults with convergence insufficiency

Some people are are wondering about whether vision therapy is as effective for adults with convergence insufficiency, as it is for children.  

The developmental optometrists at our Vancouver eye clinic have successfully treated many adults with convergence insufficiency using vision therapy.

And, if that clinical experience were not enough, the scientific research backs it up.

In 2005 Scheiman et al. published a clinical trial in Optometry and Vision Science on the vision therapy treatment of convergence insufficiency in young adults ages 19-30.
Basically, the results were that vision therapy was an effective treatment for convergence insufficiency in this age group and that pencil push-ups were not effective.  Here is a quote from the study where the authors state their conclusions:

"This first multicenter, randomized clinical trial of the treatment of symptomatic CI in young adults demonstrated that of the three treatment modalities, only vision therapy/orthoptics was effective in achieving normal clinical values for both the near point of convergence and positive fusional vergence. Patients in the pencil pushups group achieved normal values only for positive fusional vergence at near and patients in the placebo vision therapy/orthoptics group did not achieve normal findings for either the near point of convergence or positive fusional vergence at near.Therefore, the effectiveness of vision therapy/orthoptics in improving the near point of convergence and positive fusional convergence values at near in adults cannot be explained on the basis of a placebo effect. Based on the results of this preliminary study, it would appear that pencil pushups, the most popular treatment for CI, is not effective for achieving clinically significant improvements in symptoms or signs associated with CI in young adults." [emphasis added]

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