Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Cool new technology from the Las Vegas Vision Expo

Lots of new and exciting new technology was launched at the Las Vegas Vision Expo last weekend.  I was there and my personal favorite is "Opti-Fog" lenses from Essilor.  These are the first lenses (as far as I know) that do not fog up! 

Fog irritates glasses wearers in a number of situations.  And in Canada it is often a daily bother.  When you are going from the cold outdoors to the warm indoors your lenses fog up.  When you are sipping a hot beverage, the steam from the cup fogs up your lenses.  And you can probably think of a few more situations where foggy lenses make you mad.

But no more!  I love science.

The anti-fog technology is a lens coating that is activated by a spray.  You need to treat your Opti-Fog lenses with the spray every couple of weeks and fog will never bother you again.