Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Children's eye exams

Did you know that a child should have their first eye exam at the age of six months and then annually thereafter?  Like most medical conditions, eye health and vision problems are much more treatable when caught early.

Good vision in infants is also critical for visual, brain and overall development.  A child with poor vision is prevented from effectively exploring and understanding the world and deprived of valuable brain stimulation.  Studies have also proven what eye doctors already know, that vision problems that persist lead to adult problems such as joblessness, incarceration, lower income and behaviour problems.  Life threatening diseases can also lurk in the eyes of young child.  Read more...
Here is a video of Dr. M. K. Randhawa talking about a patient story from our Vancouver eye clinic involving a five-year-old girl who had been legally blind her whole life - until she came in for an eye exam:

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