Tuesday, April 24, 2012

How to get the edge in Diablo 3

How can you get an edge playing Diablo 3?  Well, an optometrist may not be an expert gamer but we know what you can do to make gaming easier on your eyes.

One of the best things you can do is to wear Gunnar eye wear   or some other computer glasses which are specifically designed with gamers in mind.  Gunnar lenses are specially designed by optmetrists to make it easier to view computer screens by changing the frequency of light that comes from the screen so that it is easier for the eye to absorb.

Gunnars also have precise wrap that increases the humidity in front of your eyes.  That fights dry eye, which is a problem for gamers because you blink less when playing video games causing your tear film to evaporate faster and your eyes to dry out.  Vision Source Vancouver optometrists carry Gunnars and we let you try them on and view a computer screen.  You see the difference right way and its quite an improvement.

All of this adds up to less visual fatigue, healthier eyes and greater endurance and more hours of video game enjoyment. After all Gunnars are the official eye wear of the world series of gaming (or at least they used to be).  Incidentally, the visual discomfort video game players experience is called computer vision syndrome and is a medical problem that is on the rise.  Computer eye wear like Gunnars can fight computer vision syndrome and is more than just video game eye wear.  We tell our patients to think of it as eye wear for a digital lifestyle.  Use it with your computer, smart phone and tablet for more visual comfort and a better life.