Thursday, January 5, 2012

Online buyer beware - contact lens dangers

A Toronto man bought contact lenses online only to have the lenses peel off the surface of his cornea!

A Toronto Star article reminds people that buying contacts lenses online and without a proper fitting by a Doctor of Optometry can lead to dangerous consequences. Click the link below to read the full article about a young man who developed a corneal abrasion after only four hours of wearing contacts that were purchased online.

Buying contact lenses online can be convenient but now many doctors also offer online buying to their patients following an eye examination and proper contact lens fitting and after the doctor knows that a particular lens is right for the patient.

For example, patients at my office, if they choose, can be registered for our online web-store and log in to order their lenses. Their contact lens brand and prescription are already pre-loaded and linked to their account, so there is no danger of the patient making a mistake and choosing the wrong lenses or inputting the wrong prescription.

Remember that contact lenses are a medical device that can harm you if not prescribed, fitted and used properly.

Another common problem is called neovascularization or the abnormal growth of blood vessels in the eyes of people who are using a lens that is not right for them or over-using their lenses. If left unchecked, this can lead to blindness. Contact lens wearers should have regular eye exams to make sure that their eyes are safe and healthy
A whole host of complications can develop with improperly fitted contact lenses...