Friday, February 1, 2013

The connection between vision and learning

Vancouver children's optometrist, Dr. Randhawa, helps kids learn
Experts estimate that 80% of learning is obtained through our visual system.   That is why thorough eye exams and treatment for eye and vision problems are essential for academic and life success.  Some vision problems can be treated with corrective lenses (glasses and contact lenses) while others that have to do with eye movement or the connection between the eyes and the brain require vision therapy  - which is like physical therapy for the eyes and the brain and is delivered by a developmental optometrist like Dr. M.K Randhawa.

Just how important is vision for success?  Here is what some scientists have found about the connection between vision and learning.

  • studies found significantly lower achievement test scores, as well as reduced letter and word recognition, receptive vocabulary, emergent orthography, and verbal and performance intelligence quotients among children with uncorrected hyperopia.
  • children with learning disabilities exhibit a greater prevalence of vision-related problems than the entire population.
  • most vision problems that may affect learning are related to refractive error, so vision examinations may provide helpful information in the management of children with learning disabilities.

Vision Problems of Children with Individualized Education Programs, Walline et al., Journal of Behavioral Optometry, Volume 23/2012/Number 4

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