Monday, February 17, 2014

Cosmetic contact lenses sold on the internet attract bacteria

cosmetic contact lenses and bacteria infection danger
A new study published in the journal, Contact Lens Anterior Eye looked into whether surface pigments on cosmetic contact lenses lead to increased adherence of bacteria.

The researchers bought 15 brands of cosmetic contact lenses over the Internet. To determine whether the lenses had surface pigments, the researchers did a standard rub-off test to confirm whether the pigments were on the surface or embedded.  Most of the brands failed (13 out of 15) the rub-off test meaning that the pigments were on the surface and these brands showed significantly higher bacterial adherence.

The conclusion is that purchasers of cosmetic contact lenses risk bacterial infections unless they make healthy choices for their contact lens wear.  Consult your eye doctor before buying contact lenses over the Internet.


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