Saturday, March 2, 2013

Pediatrician chooses vision therapy for her son - "life was hell" before vision therapy

pediatrician supports vision therapy

A great interview between a developmental optometrist and a pediatrician has been published at Wittman Vision .  Dr. Wittman introduces his interview as follows:

On Christmas Eve last year, I received an intriguing facebook message from a pediatrician. She told me the story about how her son completed a vision therapy program one year ago. One of the most compelling statements that she wrote was, “His dev opt [developmetnal optometrist] saved his life and our family.” She went on to write that two years ago “life was hell”. Her son had been diagnosed with intermittent accommodative esotropia, amblyopia, ADD, and severe vestibular processing problems. He was seeing a pediatric psychiatrist, and the situation was dire. She was worried that he would have to be hospitalized for his behavioral issues. Their family has an amazing story.