Monday, April 16, 2012

Product of the year - Optifog anti-fog lenses

Can we call 'em or what?  This blog has written before about Optifog anti-fog lenses and how much we love them. 

Now, Canadian consumers have proven us right and voted
Optifog lenses the product of the year in the personal comfort category.

Apart form the fact that Optifog lenses work so well (you can hold them up to a steaming cup of coffee and they won't fog up) they
have a hilarious advertising campaign.

Read the press release announcing Optifog as the winner
here.  Here are some interesting facts and stats about foggy lenses from the press release:
Over half (52 per cent) of survey respondents admitted that they had experienced an embarrassing – and potentially dangerous – moment when their glasses have fogged. This includes walking into something (27 per cent), failing to recognize a familiar face (21 per cent) and tripping or falling down due to foggy lenses (14 per cent). Despite still needing to see, 33 per cent of respondents have removed their glasses while walking due to their lenses fogging up, while 19 per cent did so while working.

Finding a solution to foggy lenses is critical to continued safety and productivity, no matter the activity.  “Fog can be a problem for glasses wearers year-round. Foggy lenses can occur when drinking a hot beverage or even working, especially in jobs where safety or precision are important, such as a surgeon wearing a mask,” said Dr. Lawrence MacAulay, of Armstrong Optometry in Armstrong, B.C.  “Initial consumer feedback about Optifog™ has been incredible. It’s given glasses wearers a new found freedom; they love being able to see clearly without worrying about fog.” 
Optifog has been quite popular in the few months that we have carried it at our Vancouver optometry clinic.  Patients seem satisfied and they are exited to konw that there is an option for them to avoid those embarassing moments when their lenses fog up while on a date, with colleagues at work or in any number of situations.  In a city like Vancouver, where it is usually cold outside and warm inside, fog is a daily battle.