Saturday, April 16, 2011

"Get your eye glasses for free - and save your sight in the process"

Free glasses in Vancouver by Vision Source Vancouver, Dr. M.K. Randahwa

Free Eye Glasses to See for Life

I'm doing what I call a "See for Life" campaign by giving away free prescription glasses to my patients.   In case you are wondering, that includes the frame, single vision lenses, scratch resistant coating and 100% UV protection.  The idea is to motivate people to come in for their annual eye health exam. 

What prompted me to do this?  I was seeing lots of patients who have gone years without an eye exam.   I've had the sad responsibility to tell some of these people that they have glaucoma.  Not only that, but the disease has already caused permanent vision loss in some of these people.  One unlucky man had lost enough peripheral vision that he was no longer legal to drive.  If there is one happy note in the latter story, this unfortunate fellow didn't earn his living driving a vehicle.  If there are any truckers or cab drivers or pilots out there, do not take your eye health for granted!  Being blind (pun intended) to the risks could have a huge impact on your life.  The tragedy is that only if they would have come in for an exam, we would have caught glaucoma early and stopped its progression.

No one needs to loose their vision because of glaucoma but it happens if you are not proactive.  See your eye doctor once a year to make sure that you are free of the disease and that you are not at risk. 

How do I know if I have glaucoma?

The only way to know is to see your eye doctor.  The disease slowly and imperceptibly robs you of your vision.  The poor man who lost his license suffered permanent vision loss but he never knew it was happening. It sneaks up on you quietly.  Don't let it get you!

So here is what I'm doing to motivate people to take their health seriously:  if you are between the ages of 19 and 64 you can get your glasses for free when you have your eyes examined.  You can get more information from my website:

Free glasses in Vancouver by Vision Source Vancouver, Dr. M.K. Randahwa