Friday, May 25, 2012

The most fashionable way to prevent disease and wrinkles: the long term and short term benefits of sunglasses- whoever thought that Gucci was in the health care business?

Sun exposure causes eye health problems – even blindness

UV exposure can cause short-term and long-term effects on eye health. People with blue eyes are more at risk for UV damage than those with brown eyes, experts say.

After a long day at the beach, eyes may seem bloodshot, swollen, and light-sensitive.

Sunburn of the eye, or photokeratitis, is one effect. It's also known as ''snow blindness," as it happens to skiers, too.  In severe cases, it can cause loss of vision for up to 48 hours.

There are short term and long term benefits to wearing sunglasses

Long-term, excess UV exposure can cause a variety of eye problems, including:

  •  "Surfer's eye," also known as pterygium: This abnormal but usually benign growth on the eye's surface can itch, swell, and become irritated. Surgery can be done to remove it, but it can come back. 
  •  Cataracts: The progressive clouding of the lens of the eye. 
  •  Age-related macular degeneration: The macula is at the back of the eye, in the middle of the retina. Damage to the nerve cell in the macula can dull colors and blur fine detail in your vision. 
  • Cancer of the eye, eyelid, or nearby skin. 
Sunglasses will prevent these long term health risks.

There are also many immediate benefits to wearing sunglasses.  Sunglasses make it easier to find your golf ball, easier to see the road when cycling, easier catch the ball when playing outdoor sports. They reduce the visual fatigue and discomfort that comes from constantly fighting excessive light and glare. Sunglasses make driving safer because you have a much clearer view of the road and you are much less likely to get tired eyes while driving. 

Sunglasses will help prevent sunburned eyes at the beach or while skiing. They also protect your eyes from injury if you get them with polycarbonate lenses. Remember sports eye injuries are the leading cause of blindness in kids.

Wearing sunglasses will cut down on wrinkles and crows' feet around your eyes. Good sunglasses habits today mean less botox later.

Sunglasses are the most fashionable way to prevent disease and wrinkles.  Whoever thought that Gucci was in the health care business?

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